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From physical plasma to cellular pathway: a multi-disciplinary approach to unravel the response pathways induced by nonthermal plasma for cancer therapy.

Cancer therapy has been rapidly transforming in part due to progress in seemingly unrelated fields. This has led to the development of profound tools for studying cancer pathways and innovative therapies. Non-thermal plasma (NTP) is a novel treatment that has been emerging for cancer immunotherapy. Bioinformatics is another field experiencing rapid growth, as the ability to collect and process large amounts of 'omics' data has become increasingly accessible. In the context of oncology, this has led to success in elucidating therapy-induced pathways and therapy target discovery. Therefore, in my project, I will use a combination of experimental and bioinformatics approaches to study fundamental effects of NTP on cancerous cells: 1) mechanisms driving cell sensitivity and 2) immunological changes to be exploited for combination therapy. In vitro experiments will be performed to categorize cells into sensitivity groups based on NTP-induced cell death; cellular redox and death modalities will also be studied. Transcriptome analysis and bioinformatics techniques will be used to uncover the activated pathways. Signature gene sets from transcriptome data will be studied to obtain a more comprehensive picture of the immunologic changes in NTP-treated cells. All in silico results will be validated experimentally. Success of this project will benefit multiple science fields and open new lines of research while providing insight into underlying mechanisms of NTP-induced cancer response.
Date:1 Oct 2020 →  Today
Disciplines:Chemistry of plasmas, Bioinformatics of disease, Cell death, Posttranslational modifications, Cancer therapy