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Management Manual for parents of a child with a disability or chronic illness. (Magentaproject :)

A child with a disability or a chronic illness has a serious impact on family life: intensive care is needed, for a long period. The importance of well-functioning families and good Family Quality of Life (FQOL) is recognized. The Magentaproject is a program for parents of children between 0 and 14 years old. The focus is on a good balance between Care, Work and Life. During workshops with parents managerial practices are adapted to the family context: decision making, organization, teamwork, meeting skills, time management. We will evaluate the value of managerial ideas in helping parents to take and share care of their child.
Date:1 Jan 2012 →  31 Dec 2020
Keywords:Family Quality of Life, Family management, Parenting, Children with a disability, Carer
Disciplines:Education curriculum, Education systems, General pedagogical and educational sciences, Specialist studies in education, Other pedagogical and educational sciences