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Improving mouthfeel in NABLAB and low-calorie beers through carbohydrate technology

No and low-alcohol beers and low-calorie beers attract more and more interest. This trend is driven by the search for healthier alternatives to regular beer, mainly by younger generations. In spite of the efforts of different breweries, beers of which the amount of alcohol or residual dextrins is reduced, are perceived as ‘watery’ or ‘low in body’. This project aims to provide scientific insight and concise solutions on how to improve the mouthfeel of beers through carbohydrate technology. An integral approach is proposed where the content, structure and size of cereal carbohydrates is investigated and linked to their natural ability to form nanoparticles. From barley to beer, the brewing process will be examined for its carbohydrates, with a focus on their size and structure. The beer filtration step is closely studied in order to formulate process adaptations for retention of mouthfeel contributors. The generated insights will allow to steer the production process of no and low-alcohol beers and low-calorie beers towards improved mouthfeel and will give Belgian breweries a head start in this growing market.

Date:6 Aug 2019  →  Today
Keywords:Food Science, Sensory Science, Carbohydrate Technology, Brewing and Malting Technology, Non-alcoholic and Light Beers
Disciplines:Food sensory sciences, Food technology
Project type:PhD project