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Hong Kong independent comics

This research aims at exploring the trends Hong Kong independent comics produced since 2000s with the focus on their nostalgic themes and transmedial forms using an open and cross-cultural approach. Hong Kong independent comics or alternative comics, are defined by the mode of production highlighting sole authorship in the creative process regardless of the publishing format and method. They have complicated the understanding of independent comics as an alternative to mainstream comics because of their intricate dynamics with the institutions and media. However, in-depth analysis of this is still largely missing.

Nostalgia and autobiography or autofiction have been considered the universal trends in alternative comics for the past three decades according to the Anglophone comics scholarship. While Hong Kong independent comics have not followed the autobiography/autofiction trend closely, they have taken on the nostalgia culture, a key contemporary postmodern culture in the 90s, and developed different ways to represent their nostalgic narratives. More importantly, many Hong Kong independent comics have also demonstrated specific transmedial forms that have been supported by strong institutions and cultural policies. This has made Hong Kong independent comics enjoy the mainstream status that is rarely seen in independent comics elsewhere. It is believed that an in-depth analysis of Hong Kong independent comics can shed new lights to the idea of independent comics and cultural policies at a global level.

Date:6 Oct 2016  →  Today
Keywords:Comics studies, Cultural Studies
Disciplines:Language studies, Literary studies, Theory and methodology of language studies, Theory and methodology of linguistics, Theory and methodology of literary studies, Other languages and literary studies
Project type:PhD project