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Empirical Foundations for Logical Geometry: A Database of Aristotelian Diagrams

In light of recent research around logical geometry – a unified theoretical account of Aristotelian diagrams – my main goal is to develop a digital database of Aristotelian diagrams and their relevant metadata. This database will provide an empirical basis for logical geometry, placed firmly within a practice-based philosophy of logic, which will lead to the fine-tuning of existing theories, the discovery of new properties of Aristotelian diagrams, and the capacity for precise, quantitative statements and predictions about broader trends in their use. Starting with the definition of a uniform metadata standard based on an ontology of Aristotelian diagrams, the database will take the form of a fully web-based application, with a graphical user interface appealing to standards of human-computer interaction and with facilitation for methods of inter-annotator agreement. The database will be filled with diagrams from a variety of sources, using tools and techniques from digital humanities, data mining, information retrieval, etc. – techniques which have thus far not been applied in philosophy of logic and will thus constitute a major methodological innovation.

Date:1 Oct 2018  →  Today
Keywords:logical geometry, Aristotelian diagrams
Disciplines:General pedagogical and educational sciences, Communication sciences, Philosophy, Theory and methodology of philosophy, Other philosophy, ethics and religious studies not elsewhere classified, Ethics
Project type:PhD project