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Economic and sustainability assessment of new generation solar technology (R-2477)

Economic activities have by definition negative externalities such as the emission of greenhouse gases and waste production. To minimize and reduce the burden on our environment, the development and application of clean technologies is necessary. Our current energy consumption is still increasing while a sustainable energy production still seems far away. To limit the CO2-emissions, innovative clean technologies of renewable energy production are highly important. In this context, nanotechnology, and particularly organic semiconducting materials, can play an important role. Organic solar cells appears to have several advantages compared to the silicon based solar cells, but a detailed and profound analysis is advisable to strengthen future technological development. In other words, besides the scientific development of new generation solar technology, also economic and sustainability assessment is necessary. This knowledge can guide scientists towards new profitable applications and policy makers towards well designed support measures. Therefore, this proposal will develop and apply a methodological framework to assess new generation solar technology in an integrated way, considering both economic and environmental aspects. More specific, in a first step, a detailed market analysis to learn from historical developments will be combined with an exploration of new generation solar technology. In this way, a general technology assessment framework will be developed. In a second step, an economic assessment model will be build to identify the key determinants for profitable applications. In a third step, a sustainability assessment model will be developed integrating economic and environmental performance of organic solar cell technology. In a last step, using the market analysis and market expectations, scenarios will be build to forecast the performance (economic and environmental performance) and stimulate future valorisation of organic solar cells.
Date:1 Oct 2010  →  30 Sep 2014
Keywords:cost-benefit analysis environmental projects, Economic aspects of clean technologies
Disciplines:Economics and business