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Analysis traject: simplification of research reporting by universities and university colleges to the Flemish government (R-2118)

This project of 5 Flemish universities and VLIR aims to develop a proposition, including a sequential blueprint, for a simplified research reporting for each university (and university college). This new reporting method needs to result in a diminishment of administrative load, and more efficient and better policy monitoring thanks to immediately available, qualitative and comparable data. The current project primarily builds on the previously made inventory of reporting obligations focusing on the 'universities' and 'university colleges' and associations? research on the one hand, and of the Flemish government to (supra-)national governments on the other hand, which involves the question for data from the sector of higher education as well. This inventory was developed by STIWETO, in cooperation between the various members of the project team.
Date:1 May 2010  →  30 Apr 2011
Disciplines:Information and computing sciences, Media and communications