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Research Centre : Esthetics, Imaginary and Creation (CREI)

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Jan 1970  →  31 Dec 2010
Organisation profile:

The ongoing research of CREI is concentrated in the fields of: 1. Hermeneutics of Poetry; 2. Relations between Pictural and Poetical Creation (XXth cent.); 3. Aesthetics of Contemporaneous Arts; 4. Phenomenological, Semiotical ans Cognitive Approaches of Creativity; 5. Esoterism in literature, fantastic literature 6. Pedagogy of Creativity. Furthermore, CREI has special interest in: - Emile Verhaeren; - Jean Cocteau; - Christian Dotremont

Keywords:Poetics, Cocteau, Hermeneutics, Philosophy, Poetry, Esthetics
Disciplines:Languages and literary studies, Arts