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Lifecycle:6 Jul 2010  →  6 Sep 2017
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On the one hand, the "microreactors" theme for IW: CH is perfect in the context of their spearheading around process intensification that was just planned. Building on the expertise in the simulation and optimization of separation processes on packed columns, on 1/01/2010, an academic project will begin on the development and manufacture of microfluidic chips for liquid-liquid extraction. On the other hand, at CHIS, the theme was recently planned as a third research branch as the obvious combination of the miniaturization know-how of the chromatography group (G. Desmet) with the Denayer group's catalysis / adsorption know-how (see project plan GOA- Proposal CHIS dated 30 April 2009).

Keywords:Microfluidic Chips, Microreactors
Disciplines:Chemical sciences