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Materials and Packaging Research &Services

Research Group

Main organisation:Engineering Technology
Lifecycle:1 May 2013 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The research frontier ''''Packaging Technology'''' is broadly defined and mainly oriented to optimize materials and packaging. The research has a strong link with the unique Master IW Packaging Technology.

- Services-

Modern characterization and testing techniques and a proper scientific interpretation of the results supports the packaging center business in a responsible choice or modification of packaging concepts.

The research activities are focused on 5 Items:

  • Gaspermeability research of materials and packaging for oxygen, water vapor, carbon dioxide and nitrogen
  • Physical analysis of plastics, paper, cardboard and corrugated board
  • Climatic research to the effects of temperature and light, sometimes in combination with moisture
  • Transport simulation with vibration and / or falling accidents with extensive research capabilities registration
  • Eco design with an innovative packaging with graphic design can be developed, whether or not combined with environmental

- Fundamental research -

Besides the traditional plastics oriented basic research has recently moved to bioplastics and renewable materials. It is the goal of bioplastics ''''improving'''' to materials with properties comparable or better than those of the ''''traditional'''' plastic packaging materials. This gives a broader industrial application bioplastics in different sectors. It is applied basic research with special focus on industrial applications.

Optimization of (packaging) materials is located in two domains.

  • Using nanotechnology and structural modifications seeks the physicochemical and mechanical properties of packaging materials to improve. By optimizing the barrier of the packaging, the shelf life of food products increased while maintaining its quality. This research is in collaboration of the Laboratory of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry (UH).
  • Through modifications of bioplastics we tried on one side to increase te performance of the materials and on the other side we tried to optimized the impact therefore to (bio) degradation processes later. Here, we work in collaboration with the Applied and Analytical Chemistry IMO / CMK (UH).

- Applied research project -

The Packaging Technology is committed to research various options of project work with companies (eg TETRA, Interreg, Flanders''''Food, etc).

Keywords:biodegradation, Bioplastics, characterizing (packaging)materials, Climatological research, Ecodesign, gas permeability, packaging innovation and optimalisation, polymers, transport simulations
Disciplines:Biomaterials engineering, Composites and hybrid materials, Materials science and engineering, Polymeric materials