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LSEC - Leaders In Security

Knowledge Institution

Lifecycle:1 Jan 2002 →  Today
Organisation profile:LSEC (Leaders In Security) is a European not-for-profit association focused on Information Security, operating from Belgium. It is a Cybersecurity Competence Centre in Belgium. The association is based upon the corporate membership of more than 13.000 individual members, representing over 3.500 end user organisations from a variety of vertical sectors mainly in the Critical Infrastructure domain (ICT, energy, finance, transport, healthcare, government, …) and centred around more than 465 Core Members. The Core Members are the representatives from the information security industry with European dedicated SME’s and large companies focusing on industrial security challenges like SecurityMatters, IntrinsicID, Firmalyzer, Digital Security, Secudea, Flowmon, … and global expert organizations like FireEye, Fortinet, Crowdstrike, McAfee, Symantec, RSA (the Security Division of EMC), PwC, Dimension Data, KPMG, Deloitte and many others. Within the association there is representation of more than 70% European Security SME’s. Also amongst the core members are ict security research institutions throughout Europe, associated members (industry associations, financial services, and other critical infrastructure operators such as smartgrid, energy, e-commerce and other networks. Partners include other associations such as the bank regulators, state security, CERT.EU, DFN-CERT, CERT.RO, FEDICT, EC3 and other government and LEA-type organisations. LSEC is a Digital Security Catalyst with fundamental expertise in the domain of user requirements interests, having identified the context of their environment, and fundamental developing needs as parts of applicable scenario’s for current and future risk management considerations. cybersecurity, ict security, data security, cloud security, security management, identity, access control, authentication, virus, malware, analytics, AI, machine learning, virtualization security, kubernetes, containers, web application security, firewall, intrusion detection, firmware, intrusion prevention, CIA, confidentiality, mitigation, continuity, retention, end point protection, multi party computation (MPC), privacy enhancing technologies (PET), distributed ledger technologies (DLT), crypto, encryption, AES, RSA, mobile, industrial control systems, industry4.0, industrie4.0, cybersecurity for robotics, Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence, NIST, ISO 27000, IEC62443, data protection, privacy, GDPR, AVG,  ... 
Keywords:lsec.eu, lsec.be, leadersinsecurity.org, 3if.eu, 3if.be, cybersecurityforrobotics.com, ipacso.eu, cybersecurity, data protection, GDPR, AVG
Disciplines:Information law, Intellectual property law, Communications technology, Communications, Control systems, robotics and automation, Other computer engineering, information technology and mathematical engineering, Computer hardware, Systems theory, modelling and identification