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KADOC Research

Research Unit

Lifecycle:1 Jan 1998  →  Today
Organisation profile:

Established in 1976, KADOC wants to promote interdisciplinary research in the field of religious, ideological, political, social and cultural history of the catholic segment of the Flemish/Belgian population and society. To support its research, the Center has a large documentation fund (archives, library and au diovisual documentation) at its disposal. Research in KADOC is done by membersof the staff and contract-researchers. Also the members of the Scientific Board (who are professors at K.U.Leuven) cooperate in the researchprojects of KADOC. They are focusing on topics as: - church and society (social and political life) - arts and culture - education - charity - media - priests and laity - missionary work

Keywords:Catholic History, Church and Society
Disciplines:Economic history, History