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Hydraulics and Geotechnics


Lifecycle:1 Aug 2020 →  Today
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The Hydraulics Section of KU Leuven is active in the following three domains: (1) urban and river hydrology and hydraulics (prof. Patrick Willems), (2) coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics (prof. Jaak Monbaliu), and (3) sediment mechanics (prof. Erik Toorman). Research priorities are:

Urban and river hydrology and hydraulics. Key words: river hydrological and hydraulic modelling, urban drainage, hydrological extremes (floods, low flows, water quality), risk and uncertainty analysis, optimization, real-time forecasting and control, impact analysis of climate change, climate adaptation.

Coastal and estuarine hydrodynamics. Key words: physical and numerical modelling; extreme waves; far and near field wave-current-structure interaction; in situ and remote sensing of the intertidal zone; wave-current-sediment interaction using coupled models; impact of climate change on land –ocean boundary processes.

Sediment mechanics. Key words: numerical particulate transport modelling (sediments and microplastics), particle-turbulence interactions, high-concentration near-bottom sediment transport, flocculation of cohesive sediments, erosion and bed dynamics (bed shear strength under consolidation, fluidization and liquefaction), mud rheology, wave damping by fluid mud layers, coastal and estuarine morphodynamics, nautical bottom research, applications in dredging.

Keywords:Hydraulic engineering, Sediment mechanics, Sediment morphology, Coastal hydraulics, Urban drainage, River engineering
Disciplines:Water engineering