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Centre for Ethics and Humanism

Research Group

Main organisation:Research Council
Lifecycle:14 Mar 2012 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The members of the Center conduct fundamental research on subjects that fall under the umbrella theme of enlightenment and contemporary humanism. More specifically, the inquiry relates to:

- the historical enlightenment and its current meaning;
- the evolution of humanistic thinking, with particular attention to:

- the pragmatic and hermeneutical input on that domain
- current issues such as dealing with the other and the issues of virtual reality
- atheist religiosity
- non-reductionist naturalism


The results of the research are published in own bundles published by reputable publishers or in national and international journals. Regularly, colloquia and study days are organized. The members regularly participate in workshops, seminars and conferences in the Netherlands and abroad. Several researchers make a doctoral dissertation. A seminar has been provided for these researchers. Two of the researchers are preparing a PhD thesis according to the formulation of the joint PhD.
The center organizes the Verhaegen Chair annually.
The centers of the center belong to various faculties of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy (FILO, TALK, HIST). Co-operation with the SCOM department has been envisaged thanks to a requested GOA with the research groups SMIT and CEMESO. The same applies to the BETR department of the LK department. The cooperation was concretized by the request of a HOA with the BEWE research group.
There is a partnership with the University of Humanities in Utrecht.

Keywords:applied ethics, humanism, moral sciences, ethics, Enlightenment, history of philosophy
Disciplines:Ethics, Philosophy, Theory and methodology of philosophy