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Laboratory of Cellular Transport Systems KU Leuven


Research of the LabCTS team is focused on the molecular structure and function, the cell biological and (patho)physiological role of several members of the P-type ATPase family of transporters. These molecular machines generate vital ion or lipid transmembrane gradients across various biological membranes, driving many basic physiological processes. More specifically, our research concentrates on two classes of P-type ATPases.
One class ...

Research Group for Urban Development University of Antwerp

The Research Group for Urban Development 's mission is to contribute to knowledge about urban development , aimed at a sustainable transformation of the city . Knowledge which concerns both the concrete spatial and process aspects of urban development . The dual perspective , which both focus is given to the design of innovative solutions such as the ability to implement projects in a real strategic policy context is reflected in the research ...

Department of European, Public and International Law Ghent University

The research group International Public Law and Maritime Institute is part of the Department of European, Public and International Law. The Ghent European Law Institute conducts scientific research into recent developments in the EU integration process. Particular attention is paid to the right of the EU's external relations. The Institute has special expertise in research into the EU enlargement process and the relations between the enlarged ...

Division of Geography and Tourism KU Leuven


Within the Department of Geography and Tourism spatial patterns at the surface of the earth are studied and the dynamic interaction between the (bio-) physical environment and society takes a central place.