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Department of Solid State Sciences Ghent University

The Department of Solid State Sciences has emerged from the former U+201CLaboratory of Crystallography and Study of the Solid StateU+201D, also called the U+201CLaboratory DekeyserU+201D, after its founder Prof. Willy Dekeyser. Under his guidance, the laboratory has given an importance boost to the development of solid state physics at the UGent and in Flanders, leading to well-known important scientific evolutions and numerous applications in ...

Quantum Solid State Physics (QSP) KU Leuven


* Multilayers and Superlattices : Electrical transport, magnetic, optical and structural properties of superconducting and magnetic artificially layered materials. * High Temperature Superconductors : Structural, electrical and magnetic properties of thin films, multilayers, single crystals and ceramics. * Magnetic Perovs-kites: electrical and magnetic properties, CMR measurements, structural characterization. * Mesoscopic systems : Normal ...