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Quantum Solid State Physics (QSP)


Lifecycle:1 Jul 1977 →  Today
Organisation profile:

* Multilayers and Superlattices : Electrical transport, magnetic, optical and structural properties of superconducting and magnetic artificially layered materials. * High Temperature Superconductors : Structural, electrical and magnetic properties of thin films, multilayers, single crystals and ceramics. * Magnetic Perovs-kites: electrical and magnetic properties, CMR measurements, structural characterization. * Mesoscopic systems : Normal and superconducting electron transport in submicrometer devices. Quantum inference phenomena in metallic nanostructures. * Scanning Probe Microscopy: Surface topography and spectroscopy. Nanometer lithography (STM, AFM, MFM). * Laser-Solid State Interactions & Laser Spectoscopy: Electronic and structural properties of laser beam mixed metal/semiconductor structures. Laser ablation and ion beam sputtering studied by resonant laser photoionisation. Laser spectroscopy and mass spectrometry of metallic clusters. * Surfaces and Interfaces : Statistical mechanical modelling of adsorption, wetting and phase transitions. Computer simulations of mixing phe nomena at interfaces. * Research in strong pulsed fields: Magnetotransport and infrared resonances in semimagnetic and low dimensional semiconductors. Magnetotransport of HTS superconductors, heavy fermions and organic conductors. Construction of pulsed field coils.

Keywords:Solid state physics, Superlattices, Metallic films, Finite size quantum effects, Laser-Solid interactions, Laser spectroscopy, Magnetism, Superconductivity
Disciplines:Applied mathematics in specific fields, Geophysics, Physical geography and environmental geoscience, Other earth sciences, Aquatic sciences, challenges and pollution, Geomatic engineering, Atomic and molecular physics, Condensed matter physics and nanophysics