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Rehabilitation Research Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The Rehabilitation Research (RERE) group is a very dynamic research team, formed in 2019. Most P.I.’s have heterogeneous research lines, ranging from neurological to oncological rehabilitation and from pediatric to geriatric rehabilitation. Several RERE members still work as a clinician, which stimulates the transition of clinical questions into research questions and vice versa.

All RERE members share one common purpose: we aim to ...

Research Group for Adapted Physical Activity and Psychomotor Rehabilitation KU Leuven


The aim of the Adapted Physical Activity (APA) research unit consists of the study of the relationship ‘impairment – activity’ in the continuum from rehabilitation to elite sports. Minimizing the impact of impairment on activity will enlarge the social range of action (rehabilitation) and provide a solid basis for fair sports classification (elite sports). Future research of the APA unit is embedded in international research projects ...

Advanced Rehabilitation Technology & Science Vrije Universiteit Brussel

The Advanced Rehabilitation Technology & Science research group involves six research groups of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Four groups are part of the faculty of Physical Education and Physiotherapy, one group is part of the faculty of Medicine and one of the faculty of Engineering.

Department of Morphology, Imaging, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation and Nutrition Ghent University

The specialization of Medical Imaging is available for diagnostic imaging in both companion animals and large pets in all its facets. Not only the classical techniques such as radiography (RX) and ultrasound, but also modern imaging, such as Computer Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), are part of the existing and controlled techniques. For specific cases there is also a Department of Nuclear Medicine (Scintigraphy or Botscan).

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences KU Leuven

Cardiovascular & respiratory rehabilitation, adapted physical activity & psychomotor therapy. Within this unit clinical & fundamental research are encouraged. There is a close cooperation and integration with various departments in the University Hospital and the Rehabilitation Center. The research is focused on cardiovascular rehabilitation, exercise capacity, physiotherapeutic interventions in patients with respiratory disease, ...

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapie Ghent University

The department of Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy is a part of the faculty Medicine and Health Sciences from the Ghent University. Research plays an important role in the department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy Ghent. In Health Sciences in general and in Physiotherapy in particular, a scientific patient approach can only be thought when sufficient research data are available. By maintaining a good balance between fundamental and ...

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Overview of the main research activities: Pierre Lievens and Philip van der Veen - Edema after mastectomy : In order to optimalise the physical therapy treatment of edema after mastectomy, the existance of new formed lympho-lymphatic anastomosises is searched on animal models; - The influence of physical means on the lymphatic vasomoticity is investigated; - In the field of electrotherapy we are searching for the optimal parameters for ...