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Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy


Lifecycle:1 Jan 1970 →  Today
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Overview of the main research activities: Pierre Lievens and Philip van der Veen - Edema after mastectomy : In order to optimalise the physical therapy treatment of edema after mastectomy, the existance of new formed lympho-lymphatic anastomosises is searched on animal models; - The influence of physical means on the lymphatic vasomoticity is investigated; - In the field of electrotherapy we are searching for the optimal parameters for electrical muscle stimulation; - In the field of Laser therapy studies are done to dedect the working mechanisms of biostimulation effects of this technique. Peter Vaes: Ankle joint stability : Working together with a number of VUB departments and labs a number of studies have been carried out. The most important research activities are: clinical studies of the diagnosis procedures and treatment outcomes of the acute ankle sprain, Roentgenologic analysis of efficacy of ankle bandages and several ankle braces. Measurements of joint proprioception. Eric Kerckhofs: Research on Neurological Rehabilitation (Stroke, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis). Romain Meeusen: Research in the field of: Neurotransmission, Diabetes, Sportsrehabilitation, Cryotherapy.

Keywords:Electrotherapy, Iontophoresis, Physical Treatments, Oedema, Lymphology, Regeneration, Lasertherapy, Microcirculation, Physical Rehabilitation
Disciplines:Human movement and sports sciences, Rehabilitation sciences, Applied mathematics in specific fields, Orthopaedics, Physiology