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Biophysics and Biomedical Physics University of Antwerp

The group has three main research lines, with specific missions. Biomechanics and optical metrology: - Development of stroboscopic digital holography for vibration measurements of objects with time varying responses - Development of real-time moiré interferometry for shape measurement of dynamic objects, in combination with endoscopy for the study of shape and deformation of small objects such as the eardrum - Finite element modelling of middle ...

Optical Metrology, 3D design and Mechanics (Op3Mech) University of Antwerp

The UA-Op3Mech research group couples state-of-the-art industrial knowledge in the key areas of advanced mechanical design and industrial 3D-vision technology. The Op3Mech team members also share important expertise with respect to Computer Aided Engineering including finite element methods and optimization techniques.With the recent advances in 3D-vision technology, a strong coupling is reached between optical measurement techniques, robust ...