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Ghent University prides itself on being a knowledge hub which is not only forwardthinking but also self-questioning and authentic.

Our university’s motto is ‘Dare to think’. As a consequence, scientific curiosity, innovation, and academic freedom are at the core of our organisation. We are not afraid to take a leap of faith: many a researcher has been given the opportunity to pursue his or her own line of inquiry, often resulting in well-established projects that generate great research.

Over the course of its 200 year history Ghent University has built up a strong scientific reputation. Ghent University invests both in fundamental, high risk science as in applied research. The university is known for its scientific expertise in life sciences and medicine, materials and agricultural science, veterinary medicine, psychology and history, and many more.  This university does not just offer a place to singular research strengths but also encourages multidisciplinary collaboration.

Thanks to the excellent performance of its entire research community, for the last ten years Ghent University has been part of the Shanghai Ranking's top 100.

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