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Wim Vanden Berghe

  • Research interest:Pyrosequencing is a fast, simple and quantitative method for analysis of CpG methylation, mutation analysis, SNP analysis in multiple sites in a single assay and eliminates the reliance on restriction sites, large quantities of DNA, gels, dyes and a mandatory separation step.
  • Keywords:EPIGENETICS, MUTATION ANALYSIS, SNP ANALYSIS AND DETECTION, Chemical engineering and applied chemistry
  • Disciplines:Systems biology
  • Research techniques:Pyrosequencing is performed on Pyromark Q24 equipment (Qiagen)
  • Users of research expertise:Epigenetic research:Quantitative assays for specific DNA methylation markersQuantitative assays on global DNA methylation markers (LINE1, LUMA)Genetic researchQualitative/quantiative assays for mutation analysisQualitative/quantiative assays for SNP analysis