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Uta Pottgiesser

  • Research interest:- Re-use of existing Buildings and Heritage: to maintain building substance, to improve overall building performance and the indoor environment and athmosphere in order to allow for new functions or users- Space, Communication, Education and Inclusion: identify, describe and evaluate the qualities of different urban and interior, public and private spaces and their spatial interrelations and impact to individual and social behaviour and communication as a mean to strengthen education and inclusion.- Innovative Building Components and Technologies: develop new concepts or products to contribute to human well-being, orientation and mobility and to sustainability, energy saving and production.
  • Keywords:ELDERLY PEOPLE, EUROPEAN COOPERATION, VULNERABLE GROUPS, INNOVATIONS, Architecture, town and country planning
  • Disciplines:Applied economics, Applied sociology, Social work, Other sociology and anthropology, Visual arts
  • Research techniques:- Research by Design- Qualitative Research: Literature, Archives, Observation, Interviews, Discussion- Quantitative Research: Survey, Experiment, Measurements
  • Users of research expertise:Target groups of the research are:- official institutions in cities and countries, - NGO's in the field of social economy, urban planning and construction- design professionals such as architects, interior architects, urban planners, product developer- companies and organisations in the building and housing sector- residents, owner and tenants