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Thimo Groffen

  • Research interest:I am an environmental scientist with background in biology and environmental toxicology. My research interests focus on biomonitoring of perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAS) in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and the environmental and human health risks they pose. Currently, I am investigating the ecological and human risks associated with PFAS pollution in (mainly) the African aquatic environment. In addition, my recent work in the terrestrial environment, focuses on the biomonitoring of PFAS in terrestrial food chains, including soil, invertebrates, plants and birds. I am studying the bioavailability of PFAS from soil to biota and the potential risks associated with the bioaccumulation. Furthermore, I am developing or optimizing analytical methods to analyze PFAS in different environmental matrices. In my previous research, I developed an analytical method for the analysis of PFAS from multiple abiotic and biotic samples, examined the distribution of PFAS in great tits and invertebrates along a distance gradient from a fluorochemical hotspot, and studied the potential effects of very high PFAS concentrations on reproduction and oxidative status of great tits.
  • Disciplines:Animal biology, Ecology, General biology, Plant biology, Systems biology, Other biological sciences, Other natural sciences, Aquatic biology, Aquatic chemistry, Conservation and biodiversity, Environmental chemistry, Environmental impact and risk assessment, Environmental monitoring, Soil biology, Soil chemistry
  • Research techniques:- Development and application of analytical methods for the analysis of PFAS from biotic and abiotic matrices.- Examining bioavailability, -accumulation, and toxicity of PFAS in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.
  • Users of research expertise:Everyone (government, universities, industries, etc.) with an interest in bioavailability, bioaccumulation and toxicity of PFAS in the environment.