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Navid Hasheminejad

  • Research interest:- Non-destructive testing: conducting experiments to inspect mechanical components and evaluate the properties of a material without causing any damages.- Optical measurement techniques: Developing methods based on optical measurement systems to estimate the viscoelastic properties of a material, such as asphalt mixtures.- Microscopy: Investigating the microscale morphology of materials.- Computer vision/Image processing/deep learning: Developing programs to detect the objects, analyze their shape and surface morphology, and follow the changes during experiments.
  • Disciplines:Structural engineering, Other engineering and technology, Image processing, Non-destructive testing, safety and diagnosis, Signal processing, Computer vision, Computer aided engineering, simulation and design , Numerical modelling and design, Dynamics, vibration and vibration control, Destructive and non-destructive testing of materials, Analogue and digital signal processing, Data visualisation and imaging , Engineering instrumentation
  • Research techniques:- Optical measurement techniques: It includes different systems, such as Laser Doppler vibrometers and cameras, that can replace the traditional sensors in various experiments and applications.- Back-calculation technique: It is a powerful technique that can be used to estimate the mechanical properties of a material by comparing a set of measurements with simulations.- Digital image processing: It can be used to process digital images through complex algorithms to investigate events in different experiments and industries.
  • Users of research expertise:Research institutions and industries that deal with:Material characterization, non-destructive testing, vibration measurements, modal analysis, damage detection, image processing, computer programming, etc.