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Luc Van Den Dries

  • Research interest:- Research of the representation of the body and of the developments in contemporary performance arts.Most important field of interest is the so-called post dramatic theatre, i.e. forms of theatre that are no longer based on dramatic text. Most important case study is the theatre work of Jan Fabre. Next to analysis of the theatre performance also the creative process is central to my expertise: what is the status of the notebook? What kind of rehearsal process is being used? How do actors prepare themselves? What kind of acting method is being used?
  • Keywords:DRAMATURGY, THEATRE SCIENCE, MEDIA STUDIES, GENDER STUDIES, Language and literature (incl. information, documentation, library and archive sciences)
  • Disciplines:Art studies and sciences, Theatre and performance
  • Research techniques:Method of analysis in human sciences. Collaboration with sport sciences and kinesitherapy for analyses of performances of actors and dancers.
  • Users of research expertise:- Performance art sector- Federal and sub-federal authorities- Education