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Leo Heyndrickx

  • Users of research expertise:

    Leo Heyndrickx graduated as an industrial Engineer Chemistry at the KIH De Nayer, Mechelen in 1983. After two years working at the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department of the Rega institute (Leuven) he started working in the recombinant DNA technology group of Innogenetics (Ghent).

    Since 1992 he started working at ITM in the Virology Unit under the supervision of Prof. Em. Guido van der Groen were he was mainly working on the genetic characterization of HIV and SIV. During this period he participated as a facilitator on several WHO and EC organized workshops organized throughout the world.

    In 2003, after the retirement of Prof. van der Groen he continued his work as molecular biologist under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Guido Vanham. Since then he became also involved in several projects aiming to study and standardizing assays to detect neutralizing antibodies in HIV infected individuals and immunized animals.

    Since 2014, after the appointment of Kevin Ariën as head of ITM’s Virology unit he started also working on ARBOVIRUSES and in the context of the 2014 Ebola Virus Outbreak in West Africa he is involved in Ebola virus diagnostics.