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Hamada Abd Elgawad

  • Research interest:My research interest lies in plant growth and metabolism. Understanding plant growth is crucial to improve growth and yield, and becomes increasingly important in a globally changing climate (mainly drought, temperature, elevated CO2). Through analysis at multiple organizational levels (e.g. RNA, antioxidant, metabolite, cell, plant), we contributed to understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying the stress-reducing effect of elevated CO2. Plant Growth analysis: Investigating the growth of the plant from the whole plant down to the cellular level using classic growth analysis and kinematic approaches. Transcript Profiling: Genome wide transcriptional changes focusing on plant (e.g., maize, rice and rye) growth zones.Biochemical profiling: We quantitatively analyze redox metabolites (e.g., ascorbate and glutathione cycle), proteins and enzymes (e.g. antioxidant enzymes, glutaredoxin, thioredoxin), oxidative stress components (e.g. protein oxidation, lipid peroxidation, membrane leakage). In addition, we analyze plant metabolic responses that are pertinent to stress responses, such as photorespiration, proline metabolism, C-fixation, TCA cycle and primary metabolism.
  • Disciplines:Crop science
  • Research techniques:Cellular analysis by kinematic approaches. Using HPLC, spectrophotometer and microplate reader to measure antioxidants and activities of seceral enzymes involved in primary and secondary metabolism. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).
  • Users of research expertise:Analyses are standardized and optimized on model plant species, i.e. Zea mays and Arabidopsis thaliana, but tissues from multiple other species, plants and animals, have also been analyzed.