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Gerrit Verhoeven

  • Research interest:Gerrit Verhoeven specializes in cultural, social and economic history. One of his favorite research topics is everyday time-use and time awareness in the past,. How was the balance between work, domestic chores, leisure, religion and sleep unhinged by the industr(ious/ial) revolution? To answer this question, he focuses on the history of the Low Countries - both North and South - between the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century. Another important line of research, is the history of travel and tourism.
  • Keywords:TIME AWARENESS, TIME USE, History
  • Disciplines:Historical theory and methodology, History, Other history and archaeology
  • Research techniques:I'm mainly working with more qualitative and more serial research methodologies.
  • Users of research expertise:On a regular base, I'm working together with museums to set up exhibitions. To broadcast my research results to a wider community, I also write columns and articles for newspapers and magazines.