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Geert Martens

  • Keywords:Medicine
  • Disciplines:Analysis of next-generation sequence data, Clinical chemistry, Clinical genetics and molecular diagnostics, Regulation of metabolism, Molecular diagnostics, Cell death , Cell growth and development, Analytical spectrometry, Analytical separation and detection techniques, General diagnostics, Painting and drawing, Philosophy of mind, Philosophy of medical and biomedical sciences, Bioart
  • Users of research expertise:

    MD PhD with expertise in deep phenotyping using various OMICS  tools (genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, proteomics) for cell biology and IVD applications. 


    MD with specific expertise in: (i) biochemical diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism using chromatographic techniques; (ii) molecular diagnostics: genomic analysis of solid and hematological tumors using DNA/RNA sequencing and qPCR and prenatal diagnosis using genome wide NIPT; (iii) clinical validation of bioinformatic pipelines.


    Researcher with specific expertise in (i) beta cell therapy in type 1 diabetes & deep phenotyping of pancreatic beta cells in vitro; (ii) cell biology of beta cell death & differentiation; (iii) metabolomic profiling of extreme metabolic phenotypes using high-resolution metabolimics on Waters VION IMS QTOF; (iv) biomarker identification and prototype assay development (high-sensitivity immunoassays for protein biomarkers and targeted PCR for DNA or microRNA markers); (v) integrated profiling of pathogenic variants in tumors. 


    Senior lecturer at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Course: Integrative physiology and systems biology, 3rd bachelor medical school)


    Independent consultant at AZ Delta general hospital.