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Anzaan Dippenaar

  • Research Expertise  (University of Antwerp):I have a PhD in molecular biology, experience in biomedical research on inborn errors of metabolism (during my MSc study), and 10 years of research experience in aspects of epidemiology, evolution and drug resistance of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex. I have obtained my Ph. D degree in March 2014 and the project was entitled: “A phylogenomic- and proteomic investigation into the evolution and biological characteristics of the members of the Group 2 Latin-American Mediterranean (LAM) genotype of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.” My expertise include Next-Generation whole genome- and targeted deep sequence data analysis and phylogenetic inference; I am experienced in the Unix/Linux environment and have extensive experience in molecular biology techniques such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), bacteriologic methods, DNA/protein extraction, Western-blotting, proteomic mass spectrometry, and tuberculosis diagnostic assays. Furthermore, I am fully trained to work in a Biosafety Level 3 laboratory. My research focuses on deciphering the dynamics of tuberculosis outbreaks over time, making use of whole genome sequence data of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates, investigating the evolution of drug resistance in M. tuberculosis clinical isolates using Next-Generation whole genome- and targeted deep sequencing data, and developing novel methodologies to extract mycobacterial DNA from clinical specimens for downstream Next-Generation sequencing applications.