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Synthesis Report Project TERRA

Book - Report

Subtitle:Section ROP and Municipal Action Programme
On 20 November 2015, a cooperation agreement was concluded between, on the one hand, the Flemish Energy Company, the Flemish Spatial Planning Department and the Housing Flanders Agency as 'clients' and, on the other hand, the then Agency for Geographical Information Flanders (AGIV), now Information Flanders, as 'contractor'. In this cooperation agreement, the client was charged with carrying out a number of specific tasks within the Terra project.
a) Within the Terra project, the Flemish Energy Company wished:
- a) Within the Terra project, the Flemish Energy Company wished to: develop an energy database that would bundle all energy information about infrastructure at public entities in Flanders,
- using the existing real estate database of the Flemish Government, an inventory of all land owned by the Flemish Government and all buildings owned or used by the Flemish Government
- and with the intention to extend this real estate database to land, buildings and infrastructure owned or used by all public and semi-public entities in Flanders.
b) In synergy with this objective, Ruimte Vlaanderen and Wonen Vlaanderen wanted to activate the supply of buildable undeveloped plots in Flanders. As part of this objective:
- looking for possibilities to automate as much as possible the creation and/or maintenance of the existing register of undeveloped parcels (ROP), taking into account the existing technical guidelines as prescribed by the Flanders Spatial Planning Department.
- examined whether the municipal action programme could be based on an automatically created register of undeveloped parcels (ROP)
The above action points should ultimately contribute to a reduction of the many labour-intensive inventory work by local authorities of (i) information relating to energy, buildings and infrastructure owned and/or managed by Flemish public and semi-public entities, (ii) the ROP and (iii) the municipal action plan. In this context, the Terra project was also selected to participate in the Flanders Radical Digital Programme (VRD).
This synthesis report covers only the tasks carried out under point b) above (ROP and municipal action plan)
Number of pages: 34
Publication year:2018