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Spatial Report Flanders (RURA)

Book - Report

Subtitle:A spatial analysis of Flanders
At the end of 2016, the Flemish Environmental Planning Bureau (VPO), which is responsible for research, monitoring and evaluation within the Department of Environment, took the initiative to develop a Spatial Report (RURA). The RURA is a comprehensive reference work on the Flemish space in maps, images and text. Collecting and disseminating information on the state of the space in Flanders makes it possible for spatial planning to function as a fully-fledged partner in the interplay of policy areas. It includes a book, but also a set of digitally accessible maps. The RURA is a so-called State Report (T-report). It describes and analyses the state of the space in Flanders, the trends past and present on the basis of the available, most recent and relevant knowledge and figures.
The focus on 'space' and other related concepts such as spatial planning is a major determinant of the content of the RURA. The RURA differs from related reports such as MIRA, NARA, LARA and VRIND, each of which has its own specific focus. An important part of these reports also consists of the analysis of processes that take place in space. However, these spatial processes are approached exclusively from the perspective of agriculture (LARA), nature (NARA) and the environment (MIRA). In RURA, however, the focus is on space and spatial processes are central.
Number of pages: 256
Publication year:2018