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Single asymmetric plasmonic antenna as a directional coupler to a dielectric waveguide

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

© 2017 American Chemical Society. Directional in-coupling of light into a single-mode SixNy waveguide is demonstrated using a single subwavelength asymmetrically shaped metallic nanoantenna. In simulation as well as experiments, we show that at its quadrupolar resonance the V-shaped antenna can couple near-infrared light in the waveguide with a directivity reaching 25 dB. As an ultracompact directional coupler in the near-infrared and visible spectral range, the investigated system constitutes an important building block for integrated nanophotonic circuits and sensors.
Journal: ACS Photonics
Issue: 6
Volume: 4
Pages: 1398 - 1402
Publication year:2017
Keywords:Materials science, Applied physics, Classical physics, Physics of solids, fluids and plasmas