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Shaping the Optical Properties of Silver Clusters Inside Zeolite A via Guest-Host-Guest Interactions

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

The appealing luminescent properties of Ag-zeolites have been shown to be dependent on the local environment of the confined silver clusters. Herein, we shed light on the properties of Ag clusters inside hydrated Linde-type A (LTA) zeolites and relate them to the nature of the host framework when expanded and compressed by the incorporation of Li+ cations and the Ag+ loading. Within this scenario, we measure a strong emission color shift in these materials, which we directly correlate with the fine structure details derived by optical luminescence-detected X-ray absorption in combination with deep UV-Raman spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction. Strong guest-host-guest interactions are revealed to underpin the variations in the optical properties; a modification in the zeolite lattice parameter results in changing bond lengths of the silver cluster. This interplay between the host zeolite and its confined guests can thus be harnessed to easily tune the Ag-zeolites' emission properties.
Journal: Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Issue: 18
Volume: 9
Pages: 5344 - 5350
Number of pages: 13
Publication year:2018
Keywords:Physical chemistry, Materials science, Atomic, molecular & chemical physics