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Robust topology optimization of truss structures with random loading and material properties: A multiobjective perspective

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

In this paper an approach to robust topology optimization for truss-like structures with material and loadinguncertainties, and discrete design variables, is investigated. Uncertainties on the loading direction and magnitude, aswell as spatially correlated material stiffness, are included in the problem formulation using spectral stochastic finiteelement analysis, taking truss element length into account in the uncertainties on the material properties. In this waya more realistic random field representation of the material uncertainties can be achieved, compared to classical scalarrandom variable approaches. Additionally, a multiobjective approach is used to generate Pareto optimal solutions to thetruss optimization problems. In an example it is shown how the mean and standard deviation of the compliance can beconsidered as separate objectives, avoiding the need for a combination factor which may be difficult to choose correctlyin the classical single-objective approach. Further examples considering the mass and deflection of the structureare solved, showing the effects of the novel truss-like structure material modelling on the robust optimal designs.
Journal: Computers & Structures
ISSN: 0045-7949
Volume: 154
Pages: 41-47
Publication year:2015
Keywords:Robust optimization, structural Optimization, multiobjective genetic algorithms, topology optimization, Computer science/information technology, General & traditional engineering