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Revisiting Hebeloma (Hymenogastraceae, Agaricales) in Japan: four species recombined into other genera but three new species discovered

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Here, we present the results of studies of Japanese Hebeloma collections. The four species described by Imai as Hebeloma (H. fimicola, H. helvolescens, H. humosum, and H. tomoeae) are not from the genus Hebeloma, but are members of Agrocybe, Homophron, or Pholiota. Recombinations are made. Hebeloma crustuliniforme f. microspermum, described by Hongo, is a synonym of H. nanum. Three species of Hebeloma are described as new to science, all currently known only from Japan. Two of these species, H. asperosporum and H. cinnamomeum, are members of H. sect. Denudata while the third species H. citrisporum belongs to H. sect. Velutipes. Japanese records of H. cavipes, H. eburneum, H. hygrophilum, H. subtortum, and H. velutipes are validated. In total, fifteen species of Hebeloma are confirmed from Japan; this is compared with previous checklists.
Journal: Mycological Progress
ISSN: 1617-416X
Issue: 1
Volume: 21
Pages: 447-472
Publication year:2022