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The Relationship Between Youngsters’ Gender Role Attitudes and Individual, Home, and School Characteristics: A Review

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Because of the importance of gender role attitudes (GRA) for both academic and social outcomes, it is crucial to understand how GRA is constructed and changes over time. A systematic literature review was conducted to look into the relationship between youngsters’ GRA and individual, home, and school characteristics. Thirty-five international studies were identified through searches in different databases. The review reveals that the studies mostly apply a deterministic view to studying the construction of GRA, focusing predominantly on parent–child transmission. Effects of the school environment and individuals’ own life experiences are under-studied. Also, data are mostly cross-sectional and leave little room for investigating evolutions of GRA over time. Suggestions for future research are formulated focusing on (a) a life-course approach that considers GRA as situated, experience-related, and therefore changing over time and (b) an intersectionality-informed approach investigating GRA at the intersects of multiple diversity dimensions.
Journal: SAGE Open
Issue: 3
Volume: 6
Pages: 1-19
Number of pages: 19
Publication year:2016
Keywords:Gender role attitudes, Intersectionality, Life-course, Predictor, Systematic literature review, Youngsters