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Participants' decision to enroll in cohort studies with biobanks: quantitative insights from two German studies

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

AIM: To understand participants' actual motivations to enroll in cohort studies with biobanks. METHODS: Participants of two such studies currently ongoing in Germany were invited to fill in a questionnaire about their decision to enroll. RESULTS: From the 623 questionnaires completed, contributing to scientific knowledge appeared as a main motive for enrollment, followed by learning about personal health status and receiving personal medical advice. CONCLUSION: Motivating participation as a way to contribute to the common good rather than as a way to obtain personal benefits appears to be particularly appropriate to ensure participants' long-term commitment and should therefore be further investigated in this setting.
Journal: Personalized Medicine
ISSN: 1741-0541
Issue: 6
Volume: 14
Pages: 477 - 485
Number of pages: 9
Publication year:2017