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Partially filled half-mode substrate integrated waveguide leaky-wave antenna for 24 GHz automotive radar

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

A novel highly efficient leaky-wave antenna (LWA), based on a periodic set of holes created in a half-mode substrate integrated waveguide (SIW), is conceived for automotive radar. The computer-aided design of this partially filled SIW (PFSIW) LWA is carried out using a full-wave electromagnetic simulator. As a proof-of-concept, an LWA prototype having a plate size of 15 x 126 mm(2) is fabricated through a standard low-cost printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing process. Our manufactured prototype yields more than 25% impedance bandwidth, targeting the 24 GHz automotive short-range-radar band. Moreover, the measured peak gain and total antenna efficiency reach up to 15.5 dBi and 85% at 24 GHz. Furthermore, themain radiating direction steers continuously from 38 degrees to 58 degrees with an average half-power beamwidth of 12. when the operating frequency changes from 22 to 26 GHz. In comparison, a 160 mm long dielectric-filled SIW (DFSIW) LWA yields ameasured scanning range of 49 degrees and a total antenna efficiency of 43.8%, whereas an 80.3 mm long air-filled SIW (AFSIW) LWA exhibits a measured scanning range of 9 degrees and a total antenna efficiency of 80%. Therefore, PFSIW technology provides an optimal tradeoff between DFSIW and AFSIW for the envisaged short-range automotive radar application.
Journal: IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters
ISSN: 1536-1225
Issue: 1
Volume: 20
Pages: 33 - 37
Publication year:2021