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Overlapping borders

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Subtitle:Images of East Belgium as a transcultural area in contemporary East Belgian literature

In this contribution, we discuss how the East Belgian authors Hannes Anderer, Freddy Derwahl and Leo Wintgens represent history, borders and multilingualism in their novels. These contemporary authors have understood that coming to terms with the past is an important aspect in developing a genuine East Belgian collective identity. Furthermore, the multiple borders (with Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) and the co-existence of several languages in this region have become constitutive of collective self-understanding, also with regard to the construction of a region-specific cultural memory. Finally, we show the narrative strategies used in the novels Unterwegs zu Melusine (2006), Bosch in Belgien (2006) and Wege aus Sümpfen. Roman einer Grenzlandschaft Teil I (2001) and Teil II (2006) in order to bring to bear the relation between minority and majority culture by recurring to imagology.

Journal: Oxford German Studies
ISSN: 0078-7191
Issue: 1
Volume: 48
Pages: 71-90
Number of pages: 20
Publication year:2019
Keywords:Border region, East Belgian literature, East Belgium, Eupen-Malmedy, Imagology, Memory, Minority, Multilingualism, Transculturalism, Arts & literature