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On neo-luddites led by ayatollahs: the frame matrix of the GM food debate in Northern Belgium

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

In characterizing the genetically manipulated (GM) food controversy as a risk conflict between different social groups with competing interests, the research question of this paper is which interpretive frames are found to be employed in the struggle over meaning in this conflict. In so doing, this paper not only answers the recent call to attend to the relationship between framing processes and issues of social and political power, but also proposes an extension to William Gamson's approach in order to differentiate these frames on an ideological level. After integrating this framing concept into a media-sociological perspective to the relation between media and science, a methodological framework is set out for identifying these interpretive frames which combines the analysis of frame sponsorship (of science, industry, and movements) and media representation. As a result, a frame matrix of 10 interpretive frames is presented, which comprises the different positions in the struggle over meaning in the GM food risk conflict.
Journal: Environmental Communication
ISSN: 1752-4032
Volume: 4
Pages: 277 - 300
Publication year:2010