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Melhoria da Distribuição de Mercadorias na Baixa Pombalina de Lisboa

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

Subtitle:Perspectivas sobre a implementação de um centro de distribuição urbana para servir o segmento HORECA 1
Urban Distribution Centres (UDC) are seen with particular interest as a solution to mitigate some of the problems accruing from the logistic activity. Past attempts reveal however that the cases of success are scarce. This manuscript describes the results of a research aimed at evaluating the perspectives of the urban logistics agents regarding the implementation of a UDC in Lisbon Historic Downtown. The research method was based on a literature review, followed by a set of 24 semistructured interviews to both public and private agents. The results reveal an agreement on the addedvalue of a UDC. The investigation evidenced, however, divergences between agents on the management model, and on the most relevant requirements and conditions to the success of the UDC. The manuscript concludes with recommendations for the mitigation of the divergences.
Volume: 50
Pages: 86 - 101