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Integrating Prospective Research for Brussels Projects into Design Education

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

The free-spirited, open and practice-oriented nature of the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture provides an innovative and inspiring medium for researchers. The academic environment facilitates rewarding discussions and the generation of ideas that can be progressively reflected onto Prospective Research for Brussels studies. This kind of knowledge transfer plays a significant role in our own research practices. However, the focus of this article is on the transfer of knowledge in the opposite direction:‘How can knowledge and experiences obtained through Prospective Research for Brussels Projects be reflected in design education and practice?’Motivated by this question, we want to discuss such reflection possibilities by referencing our efforts towards integrating research into design education and practice. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce our prospective research themes individually. Then we will describe our integration experiences in order to create a basis for our discussion. In conclusion, we will try to reflect these experiences onto a more general level.
Journal: Reflections
ISSN: 1784-7052
Volume: 15
Pages: 90 - 105
Publication year:2011