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The influence of multiaxiality in angle-ply carbon/epoxy laminates on the Kaiser/Felicity effects under incremental loading

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Composite materials are characterized by their anisotropy which results in the development of multiaxial stresses even in the case of uniaxial loading. This multiaxiality of composite materials significantly influences the mechanical performance and the damage development. The scope of this work is to study the relation of the acoustic activity of two different angle-ply laminates to their dissimilar multiaxiality and to the developed damage sequence. This is achieved by the interpretation of the Kaiser and Felicity phenomena during incremental loading of two laminates with respect to the developed multiaxial stresses.
Book: 24th International Acoustic Emission Symposium (IAES 24)
Pages: 77-82
Number of pages: 6
Publication year:2018