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Global governance of labour rights

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Stories and images of collapsed factories, burned down sweatshops, imprisoned migrant workers, child workers and many other violations of internationally recognized labour rights continue to spread across the globe. This highly topical book examines the different instruments which are intended to protect labour rights on a transnational scale, and asks whether they make a difference.With perspectives from law, management, sociology, political science and political economy, the topics discussed include the protection of international labour rights, the EU’s social dimensions and its external trade relations, Asian and US perspectives on labour rights under international trade agreements, and the transformative capacity of private fair labour agreements. Academics and advanced students from different disciplines will benefit from the up-to-date empirical material in this study. Policy-makers, NGOs and Unions will find the discussions of the instruments used to protect labour rights of great value to their work.
Pages: 331 p.
Publication year:2015