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A Framework for Computing Like Nature

Book Contribution - Chapter

We address the context within which 'Natural' computation can be carried out, and conclude that a birational ecosystemic hierarchical framework would provide for computation which is closer to Nature. This presages a major philosophical change in the way Science can be carried out. A consequence is that all system properties appear as intermediates between unattainable dimensional extremes; even existence itself. We note that Classical and Quantum mechanical paradigms make up a complementary pair. What we wish to do is to bring all of Science under a generalized umbrella of entity and its ecosystem, and then characterize different types of entity by their relationships with their relevant ecosystems. The most general way to do this is to move the ecosystemic paradigm up to the level of its encompassing logic, creating a complementary pair of conceivably different logics - one for the entity we are focusing on; one for the ecosystem within which it exists - and providing for their quasi-autonomous birational interaction.
Book: Computing Nature
Series: Studies in Applied Philosophy, Epistemology and Rational Ethics
Pages: 23-60
Publication year:2013
Keywords:Natural computation, Modeling, Ecosystem, Birationality, Hierarchy, Entropy, Life
  • Scopus Id: 84963960797