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Design and Implementation of a Multifunctional 6-phase Interleaved Bidirectional DC/DC Converter for Battery Electric Vehicle Applications

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This paper proposes a new multifunctional 6-phase Interleaved Bidirectional DC/DC Converter (IBC) topology, which can perform two distinct functionalities independently as function 1: a 6-phase IBC for traction/braking modes and function 2: a typical level-2 fast onboard vehicular battery charger (OBC) for charging/discharging modes. In function 2, the 6-phase IBC translates into a 3-phase Active Front End (AFE) AC/DC converter and a 3-phase DC/DC converter for transferring electrical energy from Grid-to-Vehicle (G2V) and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G). The flexible control schemes are developed and automatically switched from propulsion modes (traction/braking) to the G2V and/or V2G modes. The proposed converter and its functionalities are analyzed by using MATLAB/Simulink®. Furthermore, a field-programmable gate array-based (FPGA) programming board of dSPACE MicroLabBox, is utilized to validate the control compensators (i.e., z-domain) in Software-in-the-Loop (SiL) testbench. Finally, experimental results validate the function 1 mode operation of the proposed multifunctional converter topology.
Book: 2021 23rd European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications (EPE'21 ECCE Europe)
Pages: 1-10
Number of pages: 10
Publication year:2021
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