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Demystifying the role of emotion in behaviour: toward a goal-directed account.

Journal Contribution - Journal Article

The paper sketches the historical development from emotion as a mysterious entity and the source of maladaptive behaviour, to emotion as a collection of ingredients and the source of also adaptive behaviour. We argue, however, that the underlying mechanism proposed to take care of this adaptive behaviour is not entirely up for its task. We outline an alternative view that explains so-called emotional behaviour with the same mechanism as non-emotional behaviour, but that is at the same time more likely to produce adaptive behaviour. The phenomena that were initially seen as requiring a separate emotional mechanism to influence and cause behaviour can also be explained by a goal-directed mechanism provided that more goals and other complexities inherent in the goal-directed process are taken into account.
Journal: Cognition & Emotion
ISSN: 0269-9931
Issue: 1
Volume: 33
Pages: 94 - 100
Publication year:2019
BOF-publication weight:1
Authors from:Higher Education