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The current status and outlook of trachea transplantation

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PURPOSE OF REVIEW: The trachea is an enigmatic organ due to its complex morphology. Although circumferential tracheal defects are extremely difficult to repair with autologous tissue or with an allotransplant, the trachea has been touted as the first organ that could be regenerated. This review provides a comprehensive evaluation of the published evidence in tracheal tissue replacement surgery. RECENT FINDINGS: In recent years, reports of successful tracheal regeneration have attracted great interest. Despite descriptions of the trachea as a perhaps uniquely regeneratable tissue since 2008, critical reporting provided insights into the more complex realities of tracheal regeneration attempts and led to the retraction of some articles making tracheal regeneration claims. Allotransplantation of the trachea is hindered by numerous difficult obstacles. The most promising approach developed thus far for difficult-to-repair patch airway defects is tracheal allotransplantation, which allows for tapering and withdrawal of immunosuppressive therapy. SUMMARY: Restoration of a long-segment circumferential tracheal defect remains an unmet challenge. Future clinical studies require thoroughly documented visual evidence of outcomes to reduce confusion surrounding tracheal replacement and to prevent future scandals like those seen previously in the tracheal regeneration story. VIDEO ABSTRACT: http://links.lww.com/COOT/A6.
Journal: Current Opinion in Organ Transplantation
ISSN: 1087-2418
Issue: 6
Volume: 25
Pages: 601 - 608
Publication year:2020
BOF-publication weight:1
CSS-citation score:1
Authors from:Higher Education